Is it FREE to create an account?

Of course. Its FREE and always will be. 


How to create a free account?

Click on the login link on top right and select register button to register for FREE. 


How to submit post?

Click on the link New Post on top menu and fill out the form.


Do i need separate account for each site or topic?

No. You can use same username and password to login to use any site. Once you are logged into one site you will be logged into every site automatically.


How to publish a post?

Go to main menu on the top. Select industry. Click on the link submit post link on right sidebar or click on submit post on top menu to submit post. 

Enter post title and enter details. You can add texts, links and upload images by clicking image icon.


How to contact other members?

Click on member's username. Visit member profile and click on send private message button to send a private message. You must be logged in to send a private message.


How to favorite a category?

Click on category and visit category page. Click on yellow star on right to favorite a category and save it in your profile.


How to favorite a tag or interest?

Visit tag or interest page by clicking on tag or interest work. Click on icon on top right to favorite a tag and save it in your profile.


How to favorite a member?

Click on member username. Click on icon on top right to favorite a member and save it in your profile.


How to get notification when someone posts a comment or replies to my post?

Select checkbox below the “Post Form” to get updates when someone posts reply to your post.


How to flag or report posts?

Click flag button on right below the post to report spam or inappropriate posts.


How to share posts on social networks?

Click on social media buttons below the post to share a post instantly on major social networks. 


How to downvote a post?

You can use down arrow to downvote a post or a comment.


How to upvote a post?

Click on up arrow next to a post or a comment to upvote a post or a comment to help others know your opinion. 


How to make comments?

Click on reply to this post or add comment button to make comments.

You can make comments on comments provided by other users. Just click on the comment button below the comment and make a comment.


How to reset my password?

Click on login link on top right. Click on login button. Once you are on login form, click on link "I forgot my password".

Enter your email or username to reset your password. 

For strong security, you will receive a code via email. Click on the link in email and enter passcode, Upon code verification you will receive a new password via email. Use new password to login to your account and change your password.


How to view my account activity?

Once you are logged into your account. Click on your username on top right to view your account activity and related information.


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